Noise at work surveys need to be performed in the United Kingdom to comply with L108 Controlling Noise at Work guidelines set down by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Controlling the amount of noise that employees are exposed to through performing effective noise at work surveys has several benefits; these include knowing that legal standards have been enforced, as well as ensuring that employees health and well-being is cared for.

DAA Group has a proven history of undertaking noise at work surveys and assessments to the highest standards. We follow the latest noise at work regulations and guidance, as well as European directives, to make sure that our clients fully comply with the necessary noise at work standards. Our unrivalled service includes free, expert advice for requirements and implementation of noise at work surveys and assessments.  

Why do I need a noise at work survey?

A noise at work survey will be required to ensure that legal guidance from the HSE (i.e. L108 Controlling Noise at Work) is being followed, or if ISO certification is being sought. We’re able to offer occupational noise at work surveys and assessments to companies of all sizes, with minimal disruption of day to day operations.

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